Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tomatoes and Cabbage

This is me and my beautiful cousin Sandy Sloan. She sent this picture to me last week. I can't wait to re-connect with her next summer!

It is a shame that I have to be in school this time of year! The tomatoes are FINALLY rippening...I am so excited....I just processed and put up the last 2 heads of cabbage into Cabbage Rolls....filled with a combination of moosemeat and ground pork mixed with eggs, rice and seasonings....oh yes...don't forget the purple cabbage saurkraut I canned from last year and the Polska Kielbasa sliced on top! Again....I won't take credit for what I didn't create...I got this recipe from Mom and she called it Felances...a polish dish served at Christmas...well...it's not Christmas, but then in Alaska...Christmas comes early!

Tip: If you throw a head of cabbage into the freezer it will save for a couple of years...I saved mine for 2 days.....but when you take it out...the leaves are as though you par-boiled them to make your cabbage rolls....so simple! Thanks John Boyarsky for that quick tip.

I can't leave without showing the beautiful Hatch Chiles my mom sent me....yum yum.....I've roasted them on the grill and vacuum sealed them for that "special" occasion! Ok...I can't show my chile just yet...but here are my carrots...

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