Saturday, February 11, 2012

Real Men Eat Quiche! Lobster and Halibut or do you want Vegetarian?

I've put up my quice recipe before and the egg/cream mix remains the same (If you need that recipe again, either search here or email me and I'll send it again). Jim insisted I put up two seperate quiches on Mama's site. One is made of leftover lobster and halibut. The other includes mushrooms, baby peppers, onions, and broccoli. I use different cheeses for each.

Step 1: Mix the eggs, 1 cup heavy cream and 1 cup fat free half and half. Make and roll out the pie crust and fit into dish.

Lobster and halibut are enhanced with thyme...keep that but you can also substitute dill weed instead. I added some mushrooms, but the cheeses need to be a mix of a variety of cheeses that will marry and complement each other. I used a mix of Fontina, Tuscan Cheddar and Parmagianno Regianno (to equal 1 cup).

I think I could be a vegetarian. Easily! I grew up in a farming family and never met a vegetable I didn't like. In the summer, many meals on the table didn't include meat and we didn't miss it a bit. This quiche is for me! Mushrooms, tomatoes, sauteed peppers and broccoli. The cheese you need here need to be simple and not overpowering. Use a simple Monterey Jack with 1/4 the amout of Guyerre. I used basil instead of thyme.

Point to take: You cannot go wrong with quiche. Anything you put into it will be great. Just think of seasonings that the meat or vegetables they love....parsley, thyme, basil, savory, sage, nutmeg, or whatever. The list goes on.

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