Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Yogurt!

I learned something new at my Weight Watchers meeting today that I want to sing from the rooftops and share with the world about making your very own Greek Yogurt (which has become all the fad).

Greek yogurt is touted as totally decadent and loaded with fat and really not at all calorie-conscious--but completely yummy. Of course, something this good is also expensive, but it need not be if you make your own which is simple enough. It's so simple that I am aghast at how easy the process is.

We love Greek yogurt because it is more dense and flavorful. The whey that is extracted should be saved and used in smoothies, cooked in oatmeal or any other recipe that calls for a liquid. The whey that is extracted is pure protein and worth using, so don't throw it out! Here's what you need and do:

1 fine wire mesh sieve (a strainer!)
1 coffee filter
1 container of non-fat yogurt (any flavor...plain or otherwise)
1 large bowl to catch the whey protein

Place your sieve over a large bowl. Insert a coffee filter into the sieve, dump the yogurt into the coffee filter and allow the whey to pass through. It might take an hour or so.

Save the whey, which looks like a liquid at the bottom of the big bowl.

Now transfer your "Greek Yogurt" into a container and store in the fridge--it's ready to use.

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