Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3 Combat Clamming

Mutiny! Jim woke up this morning threatening to mutiny. He say's, "I'll help you get the clams but you have take over after that." In other words, he is tired of cleaning them. However, he took 2 naps yesterday while I continued to clean. We acquired a whopping 75 clams yesterday. Significantly less than what we were allowed, yet more than we need. Still, I would like to get one more days stash in the freezer.

Last night I made a wonderful clam chowder and put the moose kebabs back in the fridge. So tonight we will have moose kebabs, fried clam strips and some collard greens from last year's garden. ALL subsistence food.

We bagged the 3rd day clamming trip and it is probably a good thing. By the time we got to Homer (only an hour away from Ninilchik) and settled into the RV park and bought supplies, it was 1:30 p.m. Low tide today began at 11:00 which means that I would have been clamming until 2 or 3 p.m., driving to Homer and cleaning clams until midnight tonight. Jim really wanted to fish and I really wanted some peace and quiet time to myself. He is fishing--I am doing laundry. Tomorrow is the BIG day for halibut fishing.

OMG the smell of the Kale on the stove causes me to salivate!!! I will eat the rice and the moose kebabs....but the kale really sinks my ship! So sad that I have to eat the protein (not that I don't love moose meat!) due to my surgery! I so love my veggies! As a matter of fact, I could really be a vegan if I could have my lovely vegs all year-round. Where is my pretty cousin? She is supposed to pop in tonight.

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