Thursday, June 25, 2009


I love all things halibut! Halibut pizza, halibut tacos, smoked halibut, halibut chowder, but my favorite thing of all is beer battered deep fried halibut served with a malt vinegar. I love halibut cooked this way more than the traditional cod. I usually have to make 2-3 dinners of this as we all love it -- even cold! Someone told me recently that salmon was equally as good cooked like this and so I tried it. I recommend cooking only bite sized, bones removed pieces this way if using salmon.

Our ship goes out at 3:30 this afternoon and will return tomorrow around 11:00ish. I am sure to be tired as we will not be sleeping in the berths below. I am taking along my sleeping bag to cover and doze with on the couch in the salon. In preparation for this trip I have taken all the precautions to assure I don't get seasick. One: I have a patch behind my ear that I got from the doctor, Two: I am wearing magnetic wristbands, Three: I took one Bonine and will take another 30 minutes before I board the ship, Four: I have my Ginger Ale and chicken noodle soup and, last but not least: I've been tanking up on water all yesterday and today.

Jim is sick with a sore throat and chest congestion. Not good to have go out fishing, but who knew this would happen and the cost with taxes came out to be $240 per person. I've been up since 5:15...too excited to sleep.

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