Monday, June 29, 2009

Artichokes Anyone?

Who doesn't love artichokes? I mean really! Such a weird veg, but so deliciously decadent! It's like your own personal prize on a plate! And who cares if they are Two-fifty each, we spend more than that on a six-pack of beer! Everyone has their favorite way of-cooking and eating them. Personally, I like to steam mine for about 45 minutes. I love to eat the leaves and heart dipped in melted butter with a little Worcestershire sauce. Others prefer mayonnaise, some like butter with lemon juice, some swear by soy sauce and's a matter of preference. Artichokes evoke special memories of my childhood. My mom used to buy one for each of us was special--Kind of like the pomegranates and sugar cane she would sometimes get. We each knew that we had our own little veg and could converse and look forward to that "Golden Moment" when we cleaned out the heart and savored the fruit of the Gods!

Tonight we are having artichokes and moose stuffed cabbage leaves sauteed in a tomato and garlic sauce topped off with my own moose summer sausage.

P.S. I am sad. We sold our trailer. We have had it for over 6 years and it feels like I have sold a part of us. We derived so much pleasure from that little 21' thing. I hope to replace it soon. It is going to a good home so I guess I should be happy and we let it go at a STEAL!

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