Saturday, June 20, 2009

Homer, Clamming and Halibut

Today is the summer solice day--the longest day of the year. Optimists are celebrating and Pessimists are mourning the coming loss of daylight. I fit into the optimist category and enjoy the long winter nights almost as much as the long summer days.

It's been a long time since I minded the blog so I'll try to be short but concise. Our plots at the Community Garden are not in such great shape. Yes, I say "plots" (plural). We acquired the plot next to us. The garden is overrun with voles this year and they have managed to completely devour all our broccoli, cauliflower and have now started in on the brussel sprouts and cabbage. It's probably one of the best and warmest summers we have had in years and optimum gardening conditions if not for the pesky critters who enjoyed a long and protected winter under last year's deep snows.

I met my cousin Sandy and her husband Gary from Arkansas last night at The Howling Dog. He is a very good blues musician and Sandy is a joy. We are all heading down to Homer to go halibut fishing with the Alaska Coastal Marine. This year we will be sailing on the Spirit. On the 23rd we will meet Sandy, Sara and Kristie (I hope) in Ninilchik to go clamming. I've not experience that before and am quite excited to bring back a stash of clams to add to my pantry. As usual, we will be staying at the Driftwood RV Park in Homer and going out on the overnighter for our halibut. I feel a little bad because we still have a lot of halibut in the freezer.

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