Saturday, July 11, 2009

2009 Garden

Jim was distressed that I have not shared our garden with you. It is coming along. DESPITE the attack of the voles. They ate all our broccoli and all our cauliflower and started in on the Brussels sprouts. I was not able to replace the broccoli, but was able to put in some cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Thought about putting up some "Dummy Owls" to scare the buggers away. The Kale is ready to start harvesting now. I don't even bother taking home my radishes and just wash and eat them on the spot! My tomatoes look like they actually might do something this year and it will be another good squash crop. Okra is a No-Go and I won't be doing that again (unless in a greenhouse). Potatoes are coming along, but I won't get any reds again this year. Beans and peas look good. Jim didn't know about the difference between string less and regular, so I will be stringing beans. The eggplant is slow to come and I have some very cute baby bell peppers! I will have lettuce coming out my ears and it will still not be enough for Jim! I am on my second planting of radishes, the beets, turnips, and parsnips look fabulous! I will hate myself in August when I have to can all of this! It's hot and sultry outside and Jim is complaining about having to stack firewood in the heat. We have cut and split almost 6 cords of wood. My back aches and I need a good massage! Can't wait to harvest those turnip greens! Mom.....where are you when I need you????

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