Sunday, July 12, 2009


Harvested my first batch of kale greens today. Did you know that Kale is the most nutritious veg you could eat and if you could only have one---this is the one to get. Yep! More vitamins and nutrients in this than any other veg. Thank Goodness we love our greens. So today I managed to put up 5 pints of kale greens (this pic yielded 5 pints). Thanks Mom for teaching me how to can our vegs. Here is what you do...

Wash and tear the greens into pieces. Blanch them in hot water then immediately plunge them into a cold water bath. Fill sanitized pint jars with greens, and top with a tsp of salt and boiling water. After placing your jars in the boiling pressure cooker, bring the pressure cooker to 11 psi and then lower the temp to simmer (I do a 4 on my electric range) and process for 90 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the pressure escape.

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